The TSGLI Medical Team is led by a board certified, family nurse practitioner of the healing arts, operating within the scope of her medical license and authority to perform TSGLI claim medical reviews.  Our primary focus is to ensure your medical history is thoroughly reviewed for the entire 730 days subsequent to your accident to fully assess your eligibility to submit a claim. 


Once the medical review is complete, our “one-stop-shop” approach allows our nurse practitioner to certify, submit and track your claim until you receive payment.  If additional documents are required, our team will expedite medical document requests from your providers, past and present, in order to assemble the required medical evidence to submit your claim.   Our medical team knows “what’s missing,” in your written record, and the right questions to pose to your providers if more detailed documentation is required.



You do not need a lawyer to successfully submit a claim or to defend your position should your claim move through the appeal process.


Your efforts to submit a successful TSGLI will be enhanced by a dedicated medical advocate, well versed in navigating across multiple military health care systems to ensure you meet basic policy criteria, and that your medical evidence is consolidated in a thorough and complete fashion for a successful claim.  For your protection, our medical document collection process is HIPAA compliant.

"TSGLI Medical Team has shown me great compassion at a time when I thought I was on my own. They stepped up and fought for my TSGLI claim when no one else would, and they are continuing to help me through the appeal process with their expertise and experience. I would have given up without their support."  -- Patrick Nugent

"After receiving outdated information about TSGLI claims from the Naval Medical Center San Diego, I was referred to Mrs. Sheila Galvin as an option. Sheila was always quick to respond to emails and a delight over the phone. Even though I have never physically met her, and two thousand miles separates us, she happily submitted the first 15 days hospitalized TSGLI claim in which it was paid very shorty after. About a year and a half later, I emailed Sheila requesting assistance in submitting a final limb amputation TSGLI claim. Sheila acquired the necessary medical evidence remotely and submitted it on my behalf. Nine days later, the claim was paid. I have had an absolute wonderful experience working with Mrs. Sheila Galvin and will continue to recommend her to other patients at the Naval Medical Center San Diego. Thank you Sheila for continuing to support and care about my physical and financial well being.”  -- Peter Keating